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Ζητείται βοηθός hotel management στη Μεσογγή


Τίτλος: Ζητήται Βοηθός Hotel Management στη Μεσογγή
Περιγραφή: Ζητήται Βοηθος Hotel Management στη Μεσογγή

Απαραίτητη προηγούμενη εργασιακή εμπειρία στον Τουρισμό. 'Απταιστα Αγγλικά. Επαγγελματισμός και θέληση για προσφορά και προσαρμογή στις ανάγκες τις επιχείρησης. Υπεύθυνα άτομα. Μεταβλητά ωράρια. Αποδοχές ανάλογα με την εμπειρία και τα προσόντα. Παρακαλώ διαβάστε αναλυτική περιγραφή θέσης στα Αγγλικά. Ηλικία 22 - 55. Δίπλωμα Οδήγησης. Αποστολή Βιογραφικών με πρόσφατη φωτογραφία.

As an Assistant to the Hotel Manager, you will be expected to be a fast learner and to excel very fast on demanding managerial responsibilities. The Hotel position based in Messonghi, Corfu Greece. The job includes hands-on experience working into an all-around training within Reception, Guest relations, daily supervision of Hotel's Operations/Maintenance and Marketing/Advertising. During the touristic season (May to October) the job will involve the following tasks:

Front of House/Guest Relations - Reception, Guest Relations, Concierge, Reservations, Transfers Organisation (40% of the time approx.). Working in shifts throughout the day based on eight hours max per day. These can be morning, evening, night, continuous and/or split shifts.

Hotel Operations (40% of the time approx.) - Overseeing the daily cleaning services for achieving the high standards set to the cleaning staff. Make sure that the accommodations are ready and impeccable for new arrivals and throughout the customer experience, thus reporting and organizing the problem solving of any issues arising. Overseeing and maintaining the correct functioning of the swimming pools and hot-tubs/jacuzzis.

Management & Marketing (20% of the time approx.) General Management, Marketing activities, and Sales promotions - As part of the daily working routine you will be involved in Management reporting, Relations with Travel Agents, Marketing Research and Sales Promotions – in writing and oral. It will be expected that you will have a substantial contribution to the Business Strategy with your personal input.

The position is valid for IMMEDIATE START in 2019 and for a period of minimum 5 to maximum of 7 months (May– Oct) Working hours: 40 hours per week.

Candidate Requirements:
-Minimum Previous work experience in Tourism would be a plus
-You are enthusiastic, extrovert, professional and you want to take a full responsible job position early in your in life. -22 years old and above, up to 50s.
-Educational background in Tourism/Hotel, Management, Business, Economics and/or Marketing would be a plus.
-A keen communicator and confident in dealing with guests/customers.
-Be Proactive and Professional, yet with an open, friendly and flexible pleasant attitude to new professional experiences.
- Physically Healthy and Fit.
- Have Organizational and Time Management Skills.
- Your Oral Language and Writing skills
- English (Fluent).
- University and work references will be highly taken into consideration.
- A Driving License of at least 3 years valid.
- This position includes extensive PR exposure with customers, therefore, a professional appearance is a must.
- Please make sure you include a recent colored photo along with your CV.

Bonus based on set Customer Satisfaction Quality Targets,
Social Security
Company Car

Email: jane.mary1974@gmail.com
Email: jane.mary1974@gmail.com

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